King of Sails: Royal Navy
Participate in online battles against other players in 5 vs 5 team battles.
Immerse yourself in world of historical battles, become a Captain.
Fight through the golden ages of naval battles! Join battles within Carribean sea.
Destroy enemies, steer them or move you attacks on board! Corsairs, privateers, become one of the most famous pirates and plunder ships from all over the world. Carribean are waiting for you online!


  • Team fights;
  • Fleet against fleet. Find out who is the strongest one!


  • Dynamic battles;
  • Take cover using nearest island. Rush into enemies or use long shots. Take care of sails, they ignite from hits!


  • More then 12 sailing ships;
  • Best ones from all over the world - from «Pandora» and «Aurora» up to «Flying hollander»;


  • Perfect 3D graphics;
  • Everything is done with real passion about sailing ships.


  • Easy intuitive controls;
  • Rise or lower sails. Increase speed and rush into close quarters.