The Troopers: Minions in arms
Build a collection of do-or-die minions. Collect all 90 tiny, perky and angry army dudes. Deck out your tough guys with the full range of elite equipment. Build your own huge collection of crazy weapons and gear!
Draft, train and rank up your ragtag band of fame-addicted soldiers!
Heal and revive angry scouts and agile spies on the battlefield. Use expendable badges and medals to upgrade hothead troopers and deck piercing Snipers on base. The more troopers you draft and blend, the more combat crews you can command. Build 'em up now!


  • Lighthearted strategy with tactical battles. Nice and easy to play!
  • A little bit of humor mixed with strategic battles.
  • A different kind of humorous war game which doesn't take itself too seriously!
  • Handcrafted music and good graphics.
  • Funny and crazy combat dudes.