Versus Fight
You and your opponent take turns to plan your attack or defense by using special moves and consumables.
Pick skills that suit you, craft a weapon and enter the battle arena.
Improve your characters to make them stronger. Upgrade you special moves by collecting a certain amount of cards.


  • Versus is a dynamic turn-based duelling game where you can choose a character and fight with other players.
  • Epic action PvP battles in unique game setting!
  • Intuitive controls and quick immersion to the game!
  • Pick one of 10 unique characters each with its own unique abilities and more than 30 skins!
  • Dozens of customization options. Create a unique fighter!
  • Pick skills that suit best, craft a weapon and enter the arena. Versus is a real challenge!
  • All battles are real-time. Be ready to fight for glory!
  • Become absolute champion. Destroy your enemies!
  • Amazing graphics at any tablet or mobile phone! Well-optimised game for even slow devices.