World War Heroes
Become a legend in online mobile shooter of the new generation - World War Heroes
Fight and win in deadly skirmishes of the World War II
Enter the battlefields of World War II and become the hero in numerous game modes - from the classic "Deathmatch" to the furious "Hardcore". In World War Heroes you will find familiar gameplay and graphics of console quality - and all this in your smartphone!



  • Among the seven game modes there are both classic Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, accompanied with some exotic ones. For example, in Hardcore mode, your enemy will die with 1-2 shots. Just do not forget that your enemies are sneaking in shadows.
  • Join a tank battle in the center of Berlin? Easy! In this special mode you could take under your control the best battle vehicles of Russia, the United States, Japan and Germany.
  • Do not like to be like everyone else? Create your own game and set in it those rules that enjoy at most.
  • Machine Guns, pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles - great arsenal with more than 50 types of weapons and dozens of upgrades are ready. Choose your class and level up to increase your firepower and choice of tactics.
  • There is no stronger friendship than the friendship of the brothers in arms. Join a clan or create your own. Stay in touch with people you rely to.
  • Automatic shooting is the best way to deal with your enemies. The only thing you need is to catch the enemy on the fly.
  • Seven game zones will allow you to visit the fields of the most famous battles of World War II. We recommend you to start with landing on Omaha Beach.