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How Luna Labs helped us turn the workflow for playable ads upside down: a case study

This is the story of how one tool completely changed the way we create playable ads. And most importantly, our marketing department now manages the entire creative production in-house.

How it used to be: the industry has a high demand for playable ad production, and we were unable to produce more than 20 playables a month even when we outsourced the work to several studios at the same time. Contractors are often overstretched and it’s difficult for them to commit to a certain timetable. The service isn’t exactly cheap too – one playable can cost up to $6,000.

How it is now: in addition to 10-20 playables we outsource monthly, we produce about 20 more in-house. Simultaneously, we’re working on the team’s capacity to independently release 50+ playable ads.

Follow the link to see our review of the process.

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