2,000,000,000 downloads. We have them

There are many amazing things in our portfolio besides the in-house projects, like the games turned down by other publishers that we made into hits, or the ones that achieved a certain level of success independently, but increased their metrics and income several times after working with us.

Stories like these are the reason why we always strived to build an ecosystem that’s comfortable for developers, share our experience and help new studios or solo developers no one believed in. Because of this, new teams constantly get in touch and our outreach grows as fast as the downloads do.

Over the course of six years, we’ve released over 100 games globally. The most successful ones have gained tens and hundreds of millions of downloads. Our top 3 games of all time are:

  • Worms Zone – over 330 million downloads;
  • Stack Ball – over 320 million downloads;
  • Bottle Jump – over 110 million downloads.

But the numbers we have for you today are far more interesting.

Recently, our projects have surpassed the 2 billion mark in overall downloads. Moreover, we gained the last billion in less than 240 days.

We think that’s a great result. It motivates us to move forward, perfect the existing games, look for new studios, launch new projects and stay in the single-digit positions in the charts. And, of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the excellent Azur Games team and the studios we work with.

Up, up and away!

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