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We know exactly what developers need and we provide it perfectly

Product expertise
We share accumulated experience and market insights to bring games to the top.
Flexible KPIs
We can see a future hit even if metrics don’t look good enough at the start.
Transparency of cooperation
We connect partners to a powerful BI system and analytics services and monitor the results together.
Financial support
We are ready not only to test the product, but also to invest in the most talented teams.
Complete guidance
We are side by side with you from the very beginning to the top of the charts.

How it works

Start / Prototype

Submit your game and wait for the publishing manager’s reply.

First tests

We test your project and give feedback on the scale affordability.

Iterations & Scaling

Our team takes care of every slightest thing. We analyze metrics, create iteration roadmap, promote and monetize your game.

Profitable hit

We celebrate your success together!


Chain Cube: 2048 3D merge game

I’ve tried to cooperate with many publishers, but only with Azur Games I could make a lot of money. These guys are very attentive to projects, even better than I am. They are always ready to help with commercials or technical issues, as well as with gameplay and monetization. Plus, they reply to messages! It seems to be not such a big thing, but it’s really nice.

Ignat Bykov, funny face studio


Cookie Carver: Life Challenge

Azur Games shine above all other publishers in their hunger and multi-metric approach towards testing games as well as focusing on LTV rather than strictly on CPI. They are supportive, flexible and dynamic in their decision making of a prototype’s potential. Once a winner is found, pushing it to the top and bringing profit is just a matter of time.

Koby Ahronson, CEO KobGames Studios


Match Pairs 3D – Pair Matching Game

Azur Games has a very strong team in all areas necessary for gamedev. The guys show flexibility when working with partners and find an individual approach to everyone, so we are happy to work with them. AZUR GAMES always share their insights and give access to all project stats. Also, they have a very powerful BI, which is time-saving when making decisions on the product.

Ildus Galiulin, PingviGames

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