Azur Games acquires dozens of games from the Turkish developer and publisher Good Job Games

The acquisition of Good Job Games’ projects by the international developer and publisher Azur Games, which purchased the entirety of the company’s hyper-casual games portfolio, has now concluded. Currently, Azur Games is independently advancing the development of these games. The acquisition is confined to the game projects and does not involve the purchase of the company or its development teams.

Founded in 2017, Good Job Games has launched over 35 games, accruing over 3 billion downloads in total.

“The remarkable success of these games is a testament to the talented team at Good Job Games who crafted projects that truly captivate players. I am confident that these projects still hold immense potential, which we aim to unlock through our marketing expertise and experience, allowing GJG to focus on fresh endeavors. This is an excellent opportunity for us to enhance our portfolio with high-quality projects,”

Dmitry Yaminsky, co-founder of Azur Games.

Good Job Games will continue to operate as an independent entity, while Azur Games assumes full responsibility for operating and developing the acquired projects.

“Our focus has always been, and continues to be, making an impact in the genres we work on. We are proud of what we have achieved in the Hypercasual genre, and we are very excited about the future of our projects in the capable hands of Azur Games. As we move forward, we are setting our sights on leveraging our vast experience to focus on making an impact in more genres,”

Nazim Akmandil, co-founder of GJG.

The acquisition is part of Azur Games’ strategy to expand and diversify its portfolio, following previous deals with Pinpin Team and the Mushroom Wars series developer KobGames Studios, among others.

About Good Job Games

Established in 2017, Good Job Games boasts over a hundred employees. The Turkish developer and publisher has launched over 35 hyper-casual games, achieving over 3 billion downloads. Their most popular titles include Fun Race 3D (500+M installs), Color Bump 3D (300+M installs), and Run Race 3D (250+M installs).

The company’s website:

About Azur Games

Founded in 2017, Azur Games is one of the top 3 global mobile publishers by downloads, which exceed 4,5 billion. Their popular games include Stack Ball (450+M installs), (400+M installs), and Bottle Jump 3D (150+M installs).

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