Developing our first NFT gaming project Axes Metaverse: what’s happening

Play-to-earn market still looks a lot like the Wild West. While the model’s viability might still be uncertain, some 2022 game development trends are already obvious — it’s all about NFTs and metaverses. As a game developer and publisher, we also take interest in this, but from a slightly different angle: we want to focus on gameplay and replay value, and not on blockchain pet-breeding features, which is often the case with NFT games.

That’s why we at Azur Games didn’t start developing Axes Metaverse — a project from our partners at Whitepalms Developments Ltd — from scratch, but based on the already successful battle royale game, which has gained more than 35 million downloads on mobile devices and consoles. The new project is still a work in progress, but in December 2021 and February 2022, we held two public presales of the first NFT characters, which sold out literally in minutes.

Next up, we’re going to be talking about the metaverse, game design, game economics, and what’s going on with development.

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