Launching a competition with a prize fund of $100K for the development of a new game mode within the Axes Metaverse project

Azur Games announces a contest to develop a new game mode for the flagship blockchain project Axes Metaverse. The winner will receive a $100,000 grant for the new game development, as well as 15% of the game mode profits.

The Axes Metaverse team will provide the winning studio with full support: assistance with the game design of the new mode, the development of an economic model for integration into the existing Axes Metaverse project model, as well as the integration of all mechanics related to blockchain and NFT tokens.

Conditions for developers:

  • To participate in the competition, it is necessary to provide a game mode concept using existing NFT characters of the Axes Metaverse project. A detailed description of the characters and game mechanics can be found in the document.
  • The game design document of the new mode must be sent to the mail until 8.07.2022. The winner will be announced no later than 13.07.2022.
  • Studios can choose any game genre.
  • The development period of the game mode should not exceed 3 months.
  • Azur Games will provide support for the entire development period and beyond for at least 6 months of updates. At the end of this period, the developer will be able to continue working on the project or transfer the project and the rights to the Axes Metaverse team, however, the studio will continue to receive its share from the profits of the game mode.
  • In total, the prize grant will consist of $100,000. During the development of the project, the payment for the burn rate of the winning team will be carried out monthly. The remaining amount will be paid at the end of the development period.

About the project:

Axes Metaverse is a play-to-earn metaverse game, the sequel for the hit top-down battle royale with bots Axes Metaverse became the first gaming NFT project of Azur Games, an international developer and TOP-3 publisher of mobile games. The Azur Games’ portfolio includes more than 150 high-performing projects in various game genres: from hyper casual to midcore pvp.

Axes Metaverse will bring together a variety of games of different genres, each of which will give players a unique gaming experience. The first game in the metaverse Axes Battleground, a battle royal game with on-chain characters, is currently in active development. 

The game also has a free-to-play mode with off-chain characters. The main difference is the lack of untokenized heroes staking. The main idea is that players will fight against each other using their gaming skills or ingenious tactics to achieve a high ranking and get Axes Metaverse Shards, universal metaverse currency – native BEP-20 token.

Since the announcement of the project, the Axes Metaverse team:

  • Raised more than $4M during GAOs, public presales of chests with NFT characters;
  • Raised $600K during the token sale seed round;
  • In partnership with Binance completed the Mystery Drop within less than 1 minute;
  • Entered a partnership with YGG SEA, Merit Circle and other highly respected funds and gaming guilds.
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