We are launching Azur iGaming

Azur Games has been successfully publishing casual, midcore, and hyper-casual projects for seven years. Today, we are excited to announce a new phase in our journey: the launch of publishing for Real Money Gambling and Skill-Based projects, along with the establishment of a $10 million investment fund for these genres.

This initiative offers us and our partners the opportunity to reach new audiences, enter a rapidly growing market, and collaborate with like-minded individuals for mutual growth. The RMG market is currently expanding at a rate of 20-30% year-over-year as expertise in this field continues to grow.

“We believe in the potential of the RMG and Skill-Based project niches. Many expert teams in this market are seeking opportunities to leverage their talents in related genres. We aim to help them reach new heights, adapt for rapid growth, and strengthen them with our expertise,” said Azur Games CEO Dmitry Yaminsky.

This initiative will be branded as a separate division, Azur iGaming, and we are actively seeking developers of RMG and Skill-Based projects.

About Azur Games

Founded in 2017, Azur Games has become the top global mobile publisher in terms of downloads, surpassing 8 billion installs. Azur Games’ hits include Stack Ball (500 million installs), WormsZone.io (450 million installs), and Bottle Jump 3D (200 million installs).

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