We continue to invest. Welcome our new partner — Pinpin Team

Last year we launched a program to invest in gaming companies. Now we announce the 30% share acquisition of the French studio Pinpin Team.

Pinpin Team started in 2008 with an online educational platform for children, introduced its first mobile game in 2014, and entered the  hyper-casual market in 2017 with the 10 million download hit Golf Orbit. Today, this ambitious team of 15 members annually releases dozens of hyper-casual mobile games. 

We’ve been watching the studio for a long time and highly appreciate the team’s professionalism, so we proposed a strategic partnership. Azur Games’ investment leverage and marketing expertise will help Pinpin Team to fully focus on developing new products and increase the company’s capitalization. In turn, we’ll gladly take over the publishing of all the company’s gaming projects.

Dmitry Yaminsky, Azur Games co-founder

We are proud to have found the perfect partner to bring Pinpin Team to the next level. Azur Games’s expertise in mobile gaming, and more specifically in Hybrid Casual projects, will help us increase our knowledge in this field quickly and efficiently. Also, Pinpin Team will get strategic support from Azur Games to be self-publisher and grow faster,

Géraud Paillard-Brunet, founder of Pinpin Team

Azur Games will continue to look for proactive and talented teams for long-term partnerships in a competitive market. Investing in partners is one of the company’s key directions at the moment.

Pinpin Team is a French studio with 16 hit games and over 80 million downloads in their portfolio. You can get a closer look at what Pinpin Team does on their official website.

Azur Games is one of the top 3 mobile game publishers by downloads in 2021 with over 3 billion total installs. Last year, we launched an investment program and acquired stakes in a game development studio KobGames Studios, as well as a broad spectrum mobile developer Skyrocket.

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