In-game ads in hyper-casual runners: A 5-20% revenue increase in a year without sacrificing other metric

In the summer of 2023, we experimented with a new method of monetizing in-game ads across several projects. We carefully placed advertising banners throughout the levels, with some banners being clickable and others functioning like traditional billboards.

For the hyper-casual runner game Taxi Run, this approach resulted in a 5% increase in overall revenue and up to a 20% increase in the US, all without negatively impacting other metrics or gameplay. Additionally, we discovered that integrating banners organically into level design can enhance the visual appeal, making the game more vibrant. Today, we’re considering incorporating in-game ads into other genres, not just hyper-casual runners.

Here’s how we systematically explored optimal formats and locations for unobtrusive product placement in the game.

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