Long-term ops in hyper-casual gaming: How we achieved a 30% revenue increase three years post-launch

More than four years have elapsed since the launch of the game Taxi Run, which underwent lots of impactful updates last year, leading to a 30% surge in revenue. Previously, it was a common belief that hyper-casual games would not benefit from prolonged support post-release.

In the past, developers focused on rapidly releasing projects, reaping initial profits, and swiftly moving on to the next venture. This approach initially proved successful. However, as competition intensified and player expectations rose, launching multiple projects often yielded little impact. Such games either drowned in a sea of similar titles or were quickly abandoned by players in favour of more engaging, content-rich games.

Consequently, our strategy shifted towards enhancing already successful games and focusing on the development of intricate, enduring casual and midcore games.

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