Looking for NFT-oriented game developers to support and invest in

We recently announced our decision to explore a new direction — NFTs. As part of this initiative, Azur Games will invest $2 million in the development of Axes 2.0, a new game in the Axes Metaverse. You can learn more about it on the project website.

We see great potential in players being able to have real proof they possess unique in-game items and characters. Not having this feature in the games where collecting and trading are an important part of the meta would be a huge missed opportunity. And NFTs offer a unique approach in this regard.

Dmitry Yaminsky, co-founder of Azur Games

That’s why we want to keep growing in this direction and bring in new studios and developers for long-term partnerships. In 2022, Azur Games plans to invest more than $10 million in projects that use NFTs. We’re talking about both existing games and ideas that need to be built from scratch.

If you have ideas, WIP projects, or a prototype, we’re ready to openly discuss the terms of the partnership and offer our expertise to help your project become the best version of itself and bring it to the top.

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