Abandoned homes, week-long car trips, and plane tickets to random countries: how Azur Games took everyone out of Russia

After selling shares in Russian and Belarusian mobile game studios and completely closing the local business, we had to relocate the employees who remained in the country. We wanted to make the relocation as comfortable as possible for everyone, but our plans had to be monumentally readjusted due to the mobilization announcement at the end of September.

We had to stop work processes, postpone projects and urgently extract employees. People had to abandon their homes and belongings, collect documents in a hurry, and deal with various personal circumstances like family members unable to leave in a timely manner, or having to explain to a child why they’re not going to see their classmates next week.

Relocation to an unfamiliar country is difficult not only legally and financially, but also mentally. We made it through thanks to the team.

Azur Games co-founder Dmitry Yaminsky has shared more details and personal stories in an interview for PocketGamer.biz.

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