We launched global publishing for Chinese game developers

Azur Games, renowned for its worldwide mobile game publishing, now ranks as the number one publisher globally in terms of installs. In 2021, we extended our expertise to the Chinese market, assisting global developers in launching their games for the new audiences. Now, we’re ready to ensure Chinese developers maximize their reach and impact by helping them navigate the intricacies of various global markets and audiences.

Quickly moving from development to release is crucial, especially for hyper-casual games. We provide comprehensive support at every stage, from concept to market release, to optimize performance for Western audiences.

“Often, developers spend over a year perfecting a game, only to find the market has evolved so much that breaking through becomes a formidable challenge. By the time their project is ready, there might be several similar games on the market already drawing the audience’s attention. In the highly competitive hyper-casual space, it’s not just about quality but also about aptly adapting to the target audience and swift market entry. Our role is to accelerate the success of these talented developers,”

Dmitry Yaminsky, co-founder of Azur Games.

Our services span concept development, visuals, game design, store placement, marketing, and localization — each aspect has unique nuances that vary depending on the market. We have first-hand experience with these intricacies. We dive deep into each project, leveraging our internal expertise and resources to help the developers adapt and excel in Western markets.

One of our early success stories is Eating Hero, developed in collaboration with a Chinese studio, which achieved impressive metrics:

  • R1 > 44%
  • R7 > 7.5%
  • Playtime: 15 minutes
  • LTV > 0.4 USD

We welcome collaborations with both new and experienced partners who have previously ventured to promote their games outside China. There’s always plenty to offer on our side.

About Azur Games

Founded in 2017, Azur Games stands as the number one global mobile publisher, with over 8 billion installs. Our portfolio includes hits like Stack Ball (500 million installs), WormsZone.io (450 million installs), and Bottle Jump 3D (200 million installs). With deep insights into both Chinese and global markets, we’ve been guiding developers in launching their games in China for over two years.

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