Axes Metaverse Contest: and $100,000 go to…

TryMyGames became the winning studio of the Axes Metaverse Contest. The team presented their concept of Infiniti Islands Mode that will be developed as a new adventure game of Axes Metaverse.

Gameplay idea

Infinite Islands Mode is designed to explore the world of various biomes, starting from Proper Island. With the help of different characters, players gather the necessary resources for the construction of buildings, further discovery of lands and the production of tokens.

By delving into the world and regularly completing challenges, players can obtain and craft resources on Neutral Islands, conquer foreign territories and build their empires.

The winning team

TryMyGames is a mobile game development studio from Moldova with experience in creating NFT gaming projects.

The studio will receive a $100,000 grant from Azur Games for the development, as well as 15% of the new game mode profits and full support from the Axes Metaverse team.

Congratulations to the winner! The guys prepared a cool concept, which immediately hooked us with its deep detailed approach. Among the large number of ideas, several other projects caught our attention. We will contact the developers to discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

Ilya Novikov, Head of Blockchain Projects

About Axes Metaverse

Axes Metaverse is a play-to-earn metaverse game, the sequel for the hit top-down battle royale with bots The project will bring together a variety of games of different genres, where each one will give players a unique gaming experience. The first game in the metaverse Axes Battleground, a battle royal game with on-chain characters, is currently in active development.

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